• Gracious

    I give glory and honour to our Lord Jesus for the Complete Woman ministry and for our leader and mother, Reverend Eve Maloba. This ministry has moulded me and shaped me. It has empowered me with knowledge that has blessed my life as a newly bride. I am learning how to tackle life problems with wisdom through the teaching and prayers. I have gained so much wisdom and understanding on how to keep peace within myself and my home. It only takes God to work within us as individuals to the realisation that we are already complete in Christ our lover and king. I have learnt to love and serve my husband in all humility and frar of God. I want to encourage women to be part of this great ministry and shall surely see the fruits within you!

  • Ruth

    Two weeks ago my brother in law was admitted in hospital in Zimbabwe because he had developed a condition called pulmonary embolism after an operation. He was having difficulties in breathing, coughing blood so when I got the message I tried to call home but there was no response. I gave up and decided to entreat God in this situation so I went into prayer, after prayer I rang them again and fortunate enough they picked the phone and I was told that my brother in law was breathing well without the help of oxygen and he was eating by himself without assistance which all took place while I was on the alter in prayer. To God be glory. I thank the Lord Jesus because it’s through the complete women’s empowerment I have learnt how to pray and now my brother in law is out of hospital and back to his own home.

  • Memory

    I thank God for mum and complete woman..when I first joined Christ Temple of worship I was just a shell,never used to interact with anyone would just attend services and go home.my first encounter with the holy ghost fire was when the woman of God preached about the valley of the dry bones.nobody touched me but the holy ghost Himself.since that day my life has never been the same.i started going to women’s meeting,interacting with the woman of God,asking questions everytime and with an open heart the Lord started imparting me.The teachings and wisdom that we get from complete woman has made me complete.The anointing that the woman of God carry is diverse.
    #Now I can pray and interceed for others
    #Now my favourite book is the bible that before I found boring
    #im graced with dignity and wisdom that people of the world envy me.i mean wealthy people look up to me and ask for advice from me..It can only be God
    #Im confident in my God
    #I know who I am
    #Im a warrior bride.
    God has taken me from zero to hero,and my testimony is not complete yet.More is coming.I have seen the hand of God in me and my family.The God of my mum,Rev Eve is the God that changes destiny.I am who I am because of that.I thank God for mum and the ministry.God bless