We encourage women to work willingly with their hands, help to acquire skill and increase their capacity  so they can effectively yield fruit from their  gifts and talents. Our regular breakfast meetings allow networking and opportunity for women to advertise their business too. 



This is our charity arm as our Motto clearly states that we are God’s masterpiece, called for good works- we aim to give back to our community and beyond. Sharing the love and saving power of God in Christ Jesus, through feeding the poor& homeless programmes, orphanages, providing grants and fees to the less privileged, rehabilitation programmes for young ethnic minority females caught up in prostitution, gang life or harmful addictions. 



One of my passion is empowering married women to be a pillar of comfort and strength to her husband and families. we provide a safe place to talk through marriage seminars.


Singles network

an opportunity for single, divorced and widowed women to network whilst being empowered to thrive in all aspects of life- good physical and mental health, entrepreneurship, childcare, employability and courtship.



Where the young woman’s self-esteem and confidence is built.



Is any among you afflicted? Let him pray’

James 5:13

Through prayer (spiritual warfare and decrees), a woman can work with the Holy Spirit (our power to become) to shape, realign and decide the course of her destiny, her family and community, she will change events to her favour and not wait on fate. Until she prayed, Hannah was the object of Peninah’s mockery. 

‘Prayer is the highest act of self discovery’.